Doctor Professional Test Simplified

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IlustrasiThe government simplifies professional test for doctors and doctor candidates. Now, they can have professional and competency certificate in only one examination.

Director General of Higher Education Kemendikbud Djoko Santoso said since the implementation of Law No. 20/2013 on Doctor Education, there was a system change in national competency test. Previously, it was carried out upon education completion. Now, it is included in education program itself. Doctor competency test is also now a requirement for medical student graduation.


Djoko explained this new competency test will be started to apply on August this year, and to complete doctor professional program, student should pass the test before they were sworn in as doctor. A national committee consists of Kemendikbud, Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) and Indonesia Doctors Association (IDI) -set by the Directorate General of Higher of Education and referring to Permendikbud (Minister of Education and Culture’s Regulation) No. 30/2014 will be established to carry out the doctor professional test.

Djoko added, students who pass the competency test would get graduation letter from the National Committee. They will be subsequently sworn in and graduated and get professional certificate provided by university and competency certificate released by the Indonesia’s primary doctor college.

Meanwhile Chairman of IDI Zainal Abidin said this policy is quite fundamental for the improvement of doctor profession. The professional aspect of the test will be developed by the team that comprised of the doctor college and lecturers at medical faculty.  By doing so, in the future doctors and doctor candidates will no longer need to be tested two times. By doing one test, they will be able to get academic certificate along with professional and competency certificate.

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