2,500 Students Take Part in National Student Scientific Week

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pimnasA total of 2,500 students compete in Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional or National Student Scientific Week in Diponegoro University Semarang, Central Java. It is expected that their research or scientific works are not halted in the academic realm, but are also applicable and could address the needs of the nation.

Deputy Minister of Education and Culture of Education (Wamendikbud) Musliar Kasim opened on Tuesday (26/8), the Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional (Pimnas) which was held since Monday. The students were joined in 440 teams from 90 universities from throughout Indonesia that passed selection.

Musliar expects results of the Pimnas activities to continue/ sustain, and the research results to be very useful if in line with needs.    Therefore, there needs to be cooperation among the business world, academics and also the government.   Thus the findings do not merely sit in universities.

Diponegoro University (Undip) Rector  Sudharto P Hadi said student works were spread in seven fields, namely research, technology application, community service, entrepreneurship, copyrighted works, scientific papers, scientific articles.  In addition, students who have received funding but did not pass, could still take part in the poster exhibition.

According to Sudharto, Student Creativity Programs (PKM) in higher education institutions becomes the indicator of a university’s academic culture.  If the PKM is good, it is certain the academic culture in the campus is also good.  Undip follows up researches from PKM by appointing lecturers.  Those passing to Pimnas are quarantined to obtain intensive guidance and given incentive.

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